Walker Recovery

Jasper, Alabama




Phone - (205) 221-1799

Fax      - (205)-221-1802


Mailing Address:

Walker Recovery

2195 Airport Rd, N

Jasper, Alabama 35504


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A light at the end of the tunnel

Walker Recovery Center is a light at the end of the tunnel for people with an opiate addiction. The professionals at WRC provide individualized treatment through a holistic approach using multi-disciplinary teams of professionals.


"We treat individual physical, emotional, and spiritual needs with

a combination of interventions - education, counseling, and support groups - to assist the individual in development of a productive, healthy, and adaptive lifestyle."


The professionals at WRC evaluate each individual to ensure they are a fit for Methadone treatment. The counselors and trained staff provide education and support to give the patient the best possible chance for recovery.


Walker Recovery Center serves not only the people of Walker County but all of north central Alabama.

Start on your path of recovery by clicking on the Getting Started link above or call our treatment professionals at 205-221-1799