Walker Recovery

Jasper, Alabama



Phone - (205) 221-1799

Fax      - (205)-221-1802


Mailing Address:

Walker Recovery

2195 Airport Rd, N

Jasper, Alabama 35504


Getting Started

Your journey of recovery starts with a phone call to Walker Recovery Center or by stopping by the facility to make an appointment. All meetings, interviews, and other communication between treatment professionals and the patients are strictly confidential so you can get all the facts to see if Methadone Treatment is right for you.

The First Step

Screening may be completed over the phone or by a visit to the clinic.

Once it is determined that a patient is appropriate for treatment we will

schedule an appointment for intake with the medical director.



The Next Step

Make an appointment for intake, which includes an appointment with the medical director, nursing staff and assigned counselor. The intake appointment involves obtaining a psychosocial history, medical history and a physical exam.

The counselor will provide:

- Developing an individualized treatment plan

- Individual sessions

- Group counseling recommendations

- Referrals to other healthcare professionals or other local resources, based on need.