Walker Recovery Jasper, Alabama




The Help I Needed

My Addiction

If there was one word to describe drug addiction it would be HELL. It is a 24/7 battle trying to achieve that fix. You find yourself doing anything to get that drug. Lies, cheating, stealing and hurting everyone you love.


Pain - you hurt all over down to every bone in your body.


The drug comes first over everything family, friends and work.


It gets so bad find you find yourself jobless, broke and desperate. No where to turn. Impossible to go up and you crash and burn, and sink deeper into addiction. No one trusts or believes anything that you say. Family and friends find themselves hiding money and belongings knowing what will happen.


They want to believe and help you but don’t know how. The drug is your love and life. In other words the drug comes first.


After so many years I had to change so I looked for help with the Methadone Clinic. With the counseling and the methadone now I will survive. My life is completely different and


turned around. Family and friends seem to realize things are improving.


It will be a long hard road ahead but it will be accomplished.  In other words I can see the sun shining and feel more secure.


I am in such a deep hole it will take a long time to recover. I will always be an addict and want the drug. But I can over come this with much determination. The Clinic has helped me so much to deal with my addiction. I am a hard core addict but have improved with the help of clinic. I feel if it’s possible for me anyone can do it.  With the Grace of God and help it can be done. Once you realize help is out there and you want it. All you have to do is reach out and take those steps to improve the situation. So thank you all so much for all that you have done for me.