Walker Recovery Jasper, Alabama

To my child


I know that you have reached the age where you have a lot of questions for your mom and me. You have come to me asking about drugs and alcohol. I know that telling you “it’s bad” and “not to do it” probably won’t stop you. All I can do is tell you that with all the problems your mom and I have had with both, you will have even worse. Your mom and I are both addicts so you are already at a disadvantage; you have a very good chance that you will be an addict too.


Our life before we came to the clinic and got help was horrible. We spent more of our time fighting and staying mad about everything. When we weren’t fighting we were finding some way to get drugs or money to go buy drugs. Our life was centered around those two agendas.


When I got my prescription things were good for a week or so because I wasn’t searching for pills. After a week they were gone and I was back to the same thing. I was taking so many pills that I am thankful I am still here to write this letter to you. There were so many times your mom came home to find me passed out in the yard or on the floor. She even came in the bathroom and found me passed out with my face about two inches from the water in the toilet. I came close to dying so many times that someone up there must be looking out for me.


I know you think that you are grown and don’t have to listen to me and that you can decide for yourself but please read this letter and take what I have said to heart. Drugs are fun for a minute but you have to think about “what if”. What if I take too much? What if I don’t wake up? What if I get hooked and can’t quit?


Your mom and I love you very much and will do anything we can to help you and make you happy. You don’t need drugs and alcohol for that. I want you to know we are here for you and you can come to us about anything.


Love always,


Your dad